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Bueno Nacho

What if Bueno Nacho from the Disney Animated series, Kim Possible, had a corporate logo update?

Some time ago I was feeling nostalgic for one of my favorite childhood cartoons, Kim Possible. I began rewatching the series and began to wonder what Bueno Nacho, the series' fast food hangout spot, would look like in real life today. After studying graphic design in college, I learned that most logos today are more simple and straight to the point with their identity. While reliving my childhood, that was when I decided to do a What If... for Bueno Nacho. I couldn't find a high-resolution image of the actual Bueno Nacho logo seen in the animated series, but I was able to find an image of a t-shirt with the actual logo.

I did some research on whether the Bueno Nacho in the animated series was inspired by real-life fast food chains. As a matter of fact, the answer is "most likely"; Bueno Nacho was inspired by some Tex-Mex fast food chains such as Taco Bell, Taco Bueno, and Taco Time.

Since this was just a hypothetical project, I didn't take it too seriously. For this corporate logo update, I took inspiration from Taco Bell and Chipotle's current logos as well as their advertising. I designed Bueno Nacho's vertical logo to resemble that of Taco Bell's, and their horizontal logo to resemble that of Chipotle's. In addition, for the typeface of Bueno Nacho's logo, I decided to use the same one Chipotle used which was Gotham. Of course, I didn't want to design an exact copy of Taco Bell and Chipotle, so I kept in mind to have Bueno Nacho simultaneously different from them.

To make sure I keep in tune with the identity of Bueno Nacho, I examined stills taken from the cartoon it is from. Right away, one can see that Bueno Nacho's colors are predominantly red-orange and green. However, some smaller details I noticed were the arrow shaped patterns seen on the building's sombrero hat, and triangle-dotted patterns on the sleeves of the workers' uniforms.

As for the logo itself, since the restaurant is called Bueno Nacho, I had the outer shape be a chip. For the silhouette that would be within the chip, I made it the recognizable sombrero that is seen on top of the building. By combining these shapes with the established color palette, I was able to design the new official corporate logo.






To further the continuity of this being the same Bueno Nacho from Kim Possible, another detail I kept in mind was their list of "special" menu items. Bueno Nacho's specialties were the result of combining two Mexican dishes; some of which include the "Chimirito" (chimichanga and burrito), the "Quesachanga" (quesadilla and chimichanga), and Ron Stoppable's creation of the "Naco" (nachos and taco).


Just for context, the following sports sponsorship is for Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable's high school; Middleton High School

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