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Hey there! My name is Christian-James C. Doshi (DOH-shee) but I usually go by Christian. I am a communication designer ready to help with any of your graphic design needs.

Visit my PORTFOLIO page to see what I can do.

Poster Challenges

These collections are of different poster challenges I endured to practice designing and keep my creativity flowing.


Pop Punk


"What If..." Series

Here are some designs I did for "What if..." scenarios. These were to help me practice design and display my conceptual skills. In other words, these are my mini projects.



Presley Hotel

Ouija Wireless


Type Design

To show my interest in typography, here is a collection of different type designs I made for pretty much anytime I felt inspired and just made for fun.

Promotional Prints

Here is a glimpse into some of my work that did not involve many stages in delivery.

An updated poster that is included in the CSUN Master of Arts & Master of Fine Arts brochure

Advertisement for a virtual lecture regarding parents having a conversation with their kids about 'race and inequality'

Another advertisement but for a virtual lecture about connecting with others in a new environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic

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