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Double Indemnity


Create a key art poster of Double Indemnity, with the target audience being a present-day audience. The poster must have the inspiration of the film noir genre from the 1940s and include the given fictional streaming network logo.


There was a limited amount of pictures that were given for use. Using the provided images provided,I made rough sketches of what the key art could look like.

Round 1


Round 1

Round 2

Title Treatments

The next challenge was to organize a title solution that was reminiscent of the 1940s noir films but appeals to the present-day audience.

The addition of color was, in a way, to have the key art appeal to present-day audiences. For my final key art, I tried using colors that conveyed both characters' roles in the film.

Free PSD Wall Poster Artwork Mockup.jpg

Once finishing the key art for the poster, the next step was to provide a billboard for the film. Since a billboard was wider of a canvas, to accommodate for the empty space I included Edward G. Robinson to fill the empty space.

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