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Health & Wellbeing


The Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing at California State University, Northridge asked for a rebrand of their logo, to update and establish its values on campus.


Since this institute was from Cal State University, Northridge I had to use the usual typefaces CSUN uses: ATC Overlook and FS Lola. To begin the process, I experimented with different possible treatments of the logo while looking back at the old logo to think of improvements.

Old Logo

My team and the client thought the old logo was too "wordy" and did not successfully convey the brand identity. When this logo has to be minimized for social media posts or maybe word-marks, it would be difficult to read.

In addition, there was no significant logo element to distinguish this institute from others that have the same goals.


Option 1

Option 2

Option 1

Option 2

Round 2

Round 1


My intention behind the implementation of the ampersand, was to emphasize the diversity and inclusion that is welcomed at The Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing. As for the yellow and turquoise colors, I used them to establish The Institute's calming and engaging presence.

The Institute had their colors for their brand and asked to implement their colors to further treatments of the logo. It was here when I began to experiment with a gradient and overlay between the two colors of the client's brand.


In the end, The Institute for Community and Wellbeing, preferred there to be no ampersand and for there to be no overlay for each of the bold letters.


See the rebrand in action!

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