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Ouija Wireless

What if there was a cellular network service that also allowed you to contact the dead?

One day, I began to wonder what would be the ultimate cellular service; a service that would go beyond boundaries. Then, I thought of how people are able to contact the dead with a Ouija board. In conclusion, I thought of combining the two together; a piece of modern with a piece of the mystical. This was when I decided to name the fictional company, Ouija Wireless.


Though this was originally a joke, despite the "evil/spooky" branding of this cellular network service I really did think realistically. I thought of how most of the customers would be those who miss their loved ones. In reality, as we know it, there is not a definitive way to contact deceased loved ones; all anyone can do is mourn and remember them. So I thought, "It would be nice if there was an actual form of communication, to contact those no longer here." As a result, I made the fictional service Ouija Wireless.

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