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Wonder Woman1984


Create key art for the film Wonder Woman:1984. Keep the aesthetics of the 1980's while appeal to present-day audience.


This project has definitely taken time to work on and finesse. When I began this project, it was right after the first trailer of the film was released. Unfortunately, I had difficulty conceptualizing the composition; hence the very few rough sketches. In addition, I had to make sure there were images that could work with the concepts I already had.

Regardless, one thing I knew for certain was to have the key art appear to be made from the 1980's, but still appeal to the present-day audience. Since this film is set in the 80's, I thought it would be interesting to make key art that was an homage to the ones made in the decade.

A big inspiration for this project was illustrator, Drew Struzan. Drew illustrated some of the most iconic film posters for the majority of the 80's such as The Thing, the early Star Wars films, and Back to the Future.

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