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Presley Hotel

What if there was an actual "Heartbreak Hotel"?

A bit to know about me is that I enjoy oldies music. One day, I was listening to some of Elvis's music and then I got an idea. My idea was to brand a fictional hotel inspired by Elvis's song "Heartbreak Hotel". Initially, I thought of calling this hotel, Heartbreak Hotel, but then decided against it. I thought realistically, "Not many people would go to a hotel that officially has the word 'heartbreak' in it." So, I thought it would be smart to name the hotel after the King of Rock n' Roll himself. However, I thought maybe this hotel could be given the nickname "Heartbreak Hotel", from all of the customers who stayed there.

One idea I had, was to have the logo of the hotel similar to the typography of the Elvis: 30 #1 Hits album cover. The reason why is because I believed the typography was so iconic, that simply having the hotel logo done in the same way would make it recognizable as Elvis's hotel.





I decided to move forward with the handwritten logotype because it felt personal and of high quality. With someone who is named 'The King', they wouldn't need much for their logo other than their own handwriting; it displays Elvis's fame and legacy. The inspiration for this logo was the well-known and magical Disney logo. Just like Elvis, Walt Disney was of high status and has just as big of a legacy as the King of Rock n' Roll.

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