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La La Land


Create key art for the film La La Land. Reimagine the key art as an homage to classic film musicals of the 20th century.


As a person who loves oldies music and expanding their taste in classic films, I thought it would be a fun project to design key art for La La Land with a "retro feel". Since La La Land was said to be an homage to classic film musicals, it only made sense to design key art that did the same.


My first thought was to make a teaser poster that had a similar illustrative style as classic film musical posters, while also conveying the "exaggerated" style of jazz music involved in the film. An inspiration for this teaser poster was the poster for the film, West Side Story, designed by Saul Bass; one of many graphic designers who have influenced me. So, I reused the silhouette of the two leading actors but only emphasized the use of color from the official teaser poster. The reason being because the use of color and silhouettes of the leading actors are very recognizable, that you already know what film you're watching.

Next, I wanted to create the official poster for this project. So, I researched film musical posters to find inspiration and take note of some of the design techniques used. One poster in particular that I took the most inspiration from was the poster for the film, Funny Girl, starring Barbara Streisand and Omar Sharif. Instead of repeating the use of the purple and yellow from the teaser poster, I thought it would be interesting to reverse the two; yellow being the predominant color and purple being the least dominant. This switch in color hierarchy also helps display that "retro feel" I was going for.

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